+ : added new functions,property,events
- : fixed bugs
! : improved functions and effects


[VCL] TCAD 2013.6 released!
[+] Support Delphi XE10.2 Tokyo develop tool


[VCL] TCAD 2013.6 released!
[+] Support Delphi XE10.1 develop tool



[VCL] TCAD 2013.5 released!
[+] Support Delphi XE10 develop tool



[VCL] TCAD 2013.4 released!
[+] Support XE8 develop tool


[VCL] TCAD 2013.3 released!
[+] Support XE7 develop tool



[VCL] TCAD 2013.2 released!
[+] Support XE6 develop tool



[VCL] TCAD 2013.1 released!
[+] Support XE5 develop tool



[WEB]We re-create our website with new UI design.

[VCL] TCAD 2013 come out
[+] Support XE4 develop tool
[-] fix bug for  TMyEllArc.Draw()


[VCL] TCAD 2010.10


Upgrade information:

[+] TCAD support Delphi XE2/XE3 64bit now

Fix the bug for  TMyBLine.Drawing  if mouse click 3 times at same position.

[VCL] TCAD 2010.10

[+] Support Embarcadero RAD Studio 2011.
[-] Fixed text object saving in Delphi 2010.

[VCL] TCAD 2010.5

[+] Added a new function for adding arc shape by center point, radius, start angle and end angle.
[-] Fixxed property inspector in unicode string.
[!] Improved the dxf importing of R12 format.

[VCL] TCAD 2010 upgrade

[+]Add DisableTextInput property. it will hide text input dialog when you draw a text shape by mouse.
[+]Add GridInZoom property. the grid size will be related with zooming when you set this value as True.
[+]Add PenStyleEndCapType for TMyCAD and TMyShapes object.
[+]Add PenStyleJoinType for TMyCAD and TMyShapes object.
[+]Add HotShow property for shape object.
[+]Add RotateEnable for shape object.
[-]Fix the CenterPoint position error when you paste shapes.
[-]Fix the unrecognizable character of the library shape name when you open the library file.

[VCL] TCAD xp.i.5 upgrade

[+]Support Embarcadero RAD Studio 2010.
[+]Add saving file of XML format in "Editor Demo".
[!]Improve adding TMyRectangle of shape when double click.
[-]Fix the "Editor Demo" error when you cut/paste some times.
[-]Fix the LoadFromFile when in Delphi 2009 and Vista environment.
[-]Fix the undo problem in grouping shapes.